Wirragulla Polo Club

The Wirragulla Polo Club at Dungog has a long history in the district with the first game of the club being played in 1923 at the Hooke family’s property “Wirragulla”. At this time the first meetings of the foundation members of the club were held at “Cangon”, the property then and still now owned by the Mackay family.

The club name “Wirragulla” was originally chosen as it was a name synonymous with Dungog and the families of the foundation members. Today the club continues to enjoy the support of members of the Mackay, Hooke and Alison families whose forebears were foundation members.

The Wirragulla Polo Club has a significant tradition and has enjoyed great success having won many tournaments over the years including the prestigious Countess of Dudley Cup on no less than eight occasions since World War II.
The success and history surrounding the club ensures that many polo clubs from around NSW are keen to participate in the club’s annual tournament held at its own picturesque polo field and facilities at Tabbil Creek, Dungog, on property owned by the Mackay family.

A number of Wirragulla Polo Club players have represented Australia including the club’s immediate past president, Jaime Mackay and current club captain, Jock Mackay who is a current member of the Australian Polo Team.


to no country in the world is polo more adapted than to Australia, and that no people in the world are more adapted than Australians to play it well
— Town and Country Journal, August 15, 1874

Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement The Wirragulla Polo Club is dedicated to the promotion and growth of polo in the Dungog District.

Our vision is to encourage greater player and spectator numbers, whilst maintaining a strong connection with the club's history and tradition.